"We are grateful for all the support and effort you have given in your search and development of an excellent new site for us."

David Collis, Chief Operating Officer, Toyota Tsusho Automobile

The objective was to seek, acquire and develop a new site with Toyota and Lexus Centres for the Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

The process of procuring the fully fitted £10m project on a brownfield site in an urban environment produced a number of challenges.

  • Assembly of two separate and tenanted sites
  • An archaeological investigation by The Museum of London
  • Contaminated land lying over a major chalk acquifer, where surface water drainage had to be achieved using soakaways
  • Securing planning consent for a retail use in a protected employment zone
  • Extensive highway works to the approval of Transport for London including the demolition of a pedestrian bridge over the A20, installation of a pedestrian crossing and diversion of a public footpath

We also assisted in the disposal of the clients existing property in Sidcup Town Centre.


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