South Molton RE offers a development management service which is designed to help owners achieve optimum returns from their property, without exposure to unacceptable risk.

With our proven track record of bespoke development for occupiers we can often secure advance lettings or sales of planned buildings and thus eliminate the speculative risk of development. The increased values that result, benefit the owner rather than the purchaser.

We control costs with equal tenacity, ensuring that potentially abortive expenditure is incurred, only when it is essential, against a pre-agreed budget.

Our ability to drive the optimum value from a project is supported by a pedigree of development in partnership with major long term investment funds. We are able to sell projects to them for retention in their investment portfolios, subject to us completing construction on their behalf. Alternatively, we can manage projects for the owner until their completion.

South Molton RE has a standing requirement for land and property, for corporate occupiers for whom we act and for self-generated new projects. We will provide a prompt and considered response to all personal introductions.

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